Memory is a peculiar thing, if god works in mysterious ways our memory is his rule and pen.

All of our reality is constructed on the foundation of our memory, the interpretation of good and bad is done through our memory and the prism of our experience.

The proccess of creating a memory is done in three phases, accumulation, sorting and filing.

Accumulation is done through our eight senses at all times, we collect the information from our surroundings as smell, sound, taste, touch, sight, empathy, time and orientation, in order to pass an item or event to the sorting phase we need to have at least three senses touching it.

Sorting an item or event starts when three or more senses are focused on it, at that point it is labled through descriptive words, an apple can be red, sweet and have just the right texture, a fire in our house can be bright, hot and comforting or frightening in a given context. once the item is given its three primary lables it is sent into filing.

Filing starts with a name, if we already know what we just sorted the lables are added to the same item if a different lable exists already for the item it can be replaced, enhanced, reduced or added as a new item either creating a new group or just an item in an existing one (sweet apple and sour apple), if we dont have a specific name we add the item to a group of similar objects (fruits, fairytales) and unless we are distracted will try to collect as many trios of senses as possible for future reference.

To suppress a memory we shorten our sensor array, confuse the names and lables of our references so no coherent trio is built, a silent attacker in a dark enviroment is much harder to remember unless we took a peak at our watch right before the attack.

To enhance a memory we can actively connect more senses to the event, being aware of the time and place and how we feel about it will make sure there is at least one constructed trio of senses that will be sorted and filed.

In hypnosys we reduce and manipulate another person’s senses through chemical, enviromental and psychological tools, to deny hypnosys being attempted on us we need to force an active ongoing memory of events and objects around us, this will deny the hypnotist access to our senses and memories, once the manipulation starts it is much harder to fight, though not impossible.

To become a lucid dreamer we need to remember our dreams, so right before falling asleep think of three lables you want to remember, they can be a color, a sound and a feeling, write them down before you go to sleep, think on them at your last waking moment and as you wake write down where you noticed them in your dream, at that point you will find out you remember many details unrelated to them and may try to write those down as well.

When lucid dreams are there whenever you want them you have become a lucid dreamer, that is the time to start exploring your dreams, have fun.


There are as many types of dreamers as there are people in the world.

To make things simpler we can group the people into several categories in various ways.

The division I like most is the one that reflects the impact of each dreamer, this gives us seven molds to work with:

Unconcious dreamers are the largest group, it consists of everyone just passing by without ever knowing they were being watched.

Lucid dreamers are people who know they are dreaming but have little to no effect on events within the dream.

Informed dreamers like the lucid group are aware of their dreaming and also have some tools of interpretation and controll over their private dreams.

Visionaries are the people found between low and high forms of dreaming, the are aware of their dreams and are also able to ask specific questions within their dreams, the precision of the vision is directly affected by the knowledge and interpretation of the visionary.

Dream walkers have complete controll over their own dreams and also the ability to walk between dream worlds and the dreams of individuals, walking into the dream of an unconcious or lucid dreamer gives the walker complete controll over the dream and allows him to change the personality of the dreamer.

Dream sender, also known as Sandmen controll the dreams of large groups of people, usually with some affinity to the sender but not necessarily, they can Send their desires and beliefs into the collective mind of dreamers and through half woven dreams and desires manipulate the fates of other people.

Enlightend dreamers at the top of the pyramid sit a select group of people, they are people completely aware of the subconcious minds around them, they dream in their wake and can manipulate the truths in people’s minds at any given time.

All these dreamers can be divided in other ways as well, they can wish good or ill upon a person, they are sometimes divided internally through some interpretaion such as elemental vision ie. earth water wind fire in europe or other elemental divisions of which I will post a review in future posts.

Good night.


We all dream all the time.

Over the years of our growth we are tought to forget our dreams, to live on the real world and become like everyone alse.
To some this is easier then others, to some this is impossible.

What was learned can be forgotten and replaced by understanding new truths we make a new world come to life.

There are many kinds of dreams, but as we learn to forget their details we are left with some sensations and mostly with the feelings the dream invoked.

Dreams have a great impact in our lives, the feeling we wake up with stays with us for most of the following day, we know it will be a bad or good day almost at the moment of our waking, shouldnt have left the bed this morning is a common phrase used to describe our premonition things that happen to us during the day.

We sometimes remember glimpses of a dream when they are triggerd by a strong provocation of one or more of our senses.

We get a feeling we already did something and find out it didnt happen yet, sometimes a breakthrough is made after a good night’s sleep.

So in this blog I will try and give tools that will allow you to tap into what now is unavailable due to years of mislearning.

Remember three things, there are monsters under your bed, time is alinear in a dream, you can breath under water and out at space.

when practicing what you may learn in this blog you agree to some basic rules

1) I will not get frustrated if I do not succeed on my first expedition or when I cant remember what I dreamd but will try until I do.
2) I will do my best to harm no one nor destroy the world of my dreams, when in danger I will close my eyes and wake up.
3) I will not use my dreaming to hurt, manipulate or harm other people.
4) I will not enter other people’s dreams without their explicit permission.

If you feel your dreams are haunted by a person or persons you may send me an e-mail and permit my entry to your dream and I will do my best to help.