There is a phrase that states, “responsibility can only be taken while authority can only be given”. This means that while anyone can take responsibility it cannot be put on somone, and while authority may be desired it can only be given by another person.

This is true twice as much for concious dreamers, as it is possible for a dreamer to assert his will onto the person of another it does not give us authority over that other but instead makes us responsible for their wellbeing and happyness. On the other hand an authority once given can at any time be rvoked so it is vital that we ask repeatedly if what we do is acceptable and within our premier of granted authority.

You may ask, “how do I get authority over others?” the answer is to ask, most people will allow a trade of sorts, you give them more pleasent dreams and in return may influence them to create a better reality.

When we dream why should we take responsibility for what we do? as our minds expand we effect more and more lives and gain authority over larger areas of their reality, thus if we take no responsibility for what we do we will eventually cause great harm to a great many people.