We all dream all the time.

Over the years of our growth we are tought to forget our dreams, to live on the real world and become like everyone alse.
To some this is easier then others, to some this is impossible.

What was learned can be forgotten and replaced by understanding new truths we make a new world come to life.

There are many kinds of dreams, but as we learn to forget their details we are left with some sensations and mostly with the feelings the dream invoked.

Dreams have a great impact in our lives, the feeling we wake up with stays with us for most of the following day, we know it will be a bad or good day almost at the moment of our waking, shouldnt have left the bed this morning is a common phrase used to describe our premonition things that happen to us during the day.

We sometimes remember glimpses of a dream when they are triggerd by a strong provocation of one or more of our senses.

We get a feeling we already did something and find out it didnt happen yet, sometimes a breakthrough is made after a good night’s sleep.

So in this blog I will try and give tools that will allow you to tap into what now is unavailable due to years of mislearning.

Remember three things, there are monsters under your bed, time is alinear in a dream, you can breath under water and out at space.