There are as many types of dreamers as there are people in the world.

To make things simpler we can group the people into several categories in various ways.

The division I like most is the one that reflects the impact of each dreamer, this gives us seven molds to work with:

Unconcious dreamers are the largest group, it consists of everyone just passing by without ever knowing they were being watched.

Lucid dreamers are people who know they are dreaming but have little to no effect on events within the dream.

Informed dreamers like the lucid group are aware of their dreaming and also have some tools of interpretation and controll over their private dreams.

Visionaries are the people found between low and high forms of dreaming, the are aware of their dreams and are also able to ask specific questions within their dreams, the precision of the vision is directly affected by the knowledge and interpretation of the visionary.

Dream walkers have complete controll over their own dreams and also the ability to walk between dream worlds and the dreams of individuals, walking into the dream of an unconcious or lucid dreamer gives the walker complete controll over the dream and allows him to change the personality of the dreamer.

Dream sender, also known as Sandmen controll the dreams of large groups of people, usually with some affinity to the sender but not necessarily, they can Send their desires and beliefs into the collective mind of dreamers and through half woven dreams and desires manipulate the fates of other people.

Enlightend dreamers at the top of the pyramid sit a select group of people, they are people completely aware of the subconcious minds around them, they dream in their wake and can manipulate the truths in people’s minds at any given time.

All these dreamers can be divided in other ways as well, they can wish good or ill upon a person, they are sometimes divided internally through some interpretaion such as elemental vision ie. earth water wind fire in europe or other elemental divisions of which I will post a review in future posts.

Good night.